Please read the testimonials we have received from many parents whose children are enrolled in the after school, day care, preschool and classes at Children’s Enchanted Learning Center.

Our family has been part of the family of Children’s Enchanted Learning Center for the past three years. We have four children. When we first started at CELC our oldest was going to kindergarten and our three younger ones (ages four, two, and three months) started here. I can honestly say that I have never had one complaint against the teachers, staff, or owners. THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT!!! Our oldest was a little jealous that he wasn’t able to go on the fun field trips and do the activities that the younger ones were doing at CELC. They offer several occasions for the entire family to get involved and have fun with the teachers and staff. We have had many friends, neighbors, and families start at CELC after the great things we have shared about the center. We believe our children learned many skills from CELC that they were able to carry with them to elementary school. I’ll actually be a little sad when our youngest graduates to kindergarten and we will no longer be at CELC. However, we know we will always be a part of the family and welcome in the door at anytime.”

~ The F. Family

After interviewing four different daycares, one Montessori school and one personal sitter, Children’s Enchanted Learning Center (CELC) is where my husband and I choose to take our girls. CELC is in a great location, both seven minutes away from our home in Pasadena and seven minutes away from my job in Houston. Both of my daughters started with CELC in the infant room at six weeks of age. The Infant Room teachers are great; they cuddle with the babies, play music and engage them with colorful toys. The Infant Room teachers never got upset with questions from a new mommy! I felt safe knowing my little ones were in their capable hands.

The CELC teachers make it a point to know every child’s name and to greet every child when they see them, which not only makes my girls smile but also helps them feel secure in their environment.

Lastly, if I need to call during the day to check on one of my girls, the CELC staff is always happy to check in with their teacher for me, and give me an update on how they are doing.”

~ Angela W.

I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for my children to stay while we are working. Our son is four years old and our daughter is 20 months old, and they have learned so much from their great teachers. We feel like part of a big family, always welcome and our kids are very loved. I know that when I drop them off in the morning, they are well cared for and are having a great time with their friends. I am very impressed with the class schedules and the lesson plans that each age level follows. The teachers and directors at CELC are kind and knowledgeable, always willing to tell us about our child’s day or answer any questions we have. Every time we walk into the school and the teachers greet our kids, I know we made the right choice in placing them in this environment.

~ Stacey M.

My son began attending Children’s Enchanted Learning Center at three months of age and is now almost two years old. At first, I was somewhat hesitant about putting an infant in a daycare facility and wondered about the type of care that he would receive. Any fear I had was quickly laid to rest. This center has far exceeded my expectations in caring for my child. He has always been placed with exceptional individuals who have made him feel loved and secure. My confirmation comes each day as he rushed to give his teachers a hug with a smile on his face. I would and do highly recommend Children’s Enchanted Learning Center to anyone in need of childcare. I cannot imagine that my child would feel this happy and safe anywhere else.

~ Rachel N.

By chance, I met Kerri Steele and her family at the construction site where Children’s Enchanted Learning Center was being built in 2001. I was pregnant at the time and my husband and I were searching for a daycare center for our soon-to-be-born daughter. I came away from our meeting with a really warm feeling about Kerri and her family and decided to enroll our child. My daughter is now four years old and I have not regretted our decision once. CELC offers a great balance of play and education. The staff members seem to enjoy working there and this makes for a great environment for the children. Most importantly, CELC has offered me peace of mind. Although I think about my daughter while I am at work, I never worry about her safety or security. I would recommend CELC to any parents without hesitation.

~ Tracy C.

When our youngest child was born, it was hard for us to leave her with strangers. But we felt very comfortable with Children’s Enchanted Learning Center. From the moment we walked in, we felt at home. Our oldest child, Katie, is in the after school program and the summer program. The staff has always been responsive to our individual needs and the children have thrived from the affection and stimulation they’ve received. As a parent, it is good to know that my children are in such good hands. They have truly done a wonderful job. I have, and will continue to recommend Children’s Enchanted Learning Center.

~ Parent

Both of my children have formed very strong bonds with their caregivers at CELC. It is the personal relationship the caregivers have with my kids that make CELC special. We really enjoy all the activities (i.e., Barbeque, Fall Festival) that help us meet other parents and interact with the teachers.

~ Theron and Shelby W.