School Age: Kindergarten to 5th Grade

During the School Year

At Children’s Enchanted, we offer before and after school programs for students attending Fairmont, Teague, and Turner Elementary. Our after school programs for school age children begin at 2:30 PM and end at 6:30 PM. The programs are designed to help the students relax after a long day of learning by giving them various opportunities to unwind, but also leave plenty of room for fun!

Right after the children arrive at Children’s Enchanted Learning Center, we provide them with a snack such as blueberry bread, fresh fruit, or yogurt. After their long day, children are hungry and require something to hold them over until dinner and increase their energy. While having their snack, children can take advantage of the quiet environment to start their homework assignments for the day if they have any.

When snack time is over, students can choose to play group games like ping pong, Wii games, or Just Dance. If weather permits, they are also able to go outside for outdoor play. Outdoor play is something most Children’s Enchanted’s school age children view as their favorite time of the day. Outside, they have access to a wide open area and playground equipment where they are able to use their imagination and move their bodies.

During the Summer

Just because they are out of school, doesn’t mean the learning stops there. Children’s Enchanted will take your child “Around the World” where they will experience different cultures, languages, food, and other activities.

In addition to their daily activities, the student will enjoy going on two different field trips per week. Since many children will be in our summer program for several years, we make sure to rotate field trips among a variety of places such as theater productions, the zoo, museums, splash pad parks and much more!