Junior Preschool Program

Our chosen curriculum for Jr. Preschool is Frog Street Press. The uniqueness about this curriculum is that it helps children learn by using their natural curiosity of the world around them. Children are encouraged to explore their classrooms, while learning basic critical-thinking and emotional skills.

Now that you child has reached our Jr. Preschool class, we will continue building upon the five different learning domains: cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development. By focusing on each of these domains, Frog Street Press will lay the foundation for a successful preschool and pre-k learning experience.

Preschool Program

Once in our Preschool classroom, Frog Street not only meets the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards for the public school system, but also focuses on enhancing the social-emotional development of the child through Dr. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline. While your child is engaged in different learning experiences throughout the day, they will become fully prepared and confident to enter kindergarten.