Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a clean, safe and developmentally appropriate environment for children to learn and play, while their parents enjoy peace of mind.

Statement of Values

The children entrusted to our care will receive the best in learning in an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, respect and love.

The parents of our children will receive support in meeting the developmental and educational needs of their children and as customers of our service, will be treated with courtesy and respect.

The employees of Children’s Enchanted Learning Center will be treated and will treat other coworkers with respect, honesty and fairness at all times. In doing so, they will enjoy a professionally fulfilling, participative work life.



Offering early education, extended care and childcare, Children’s Enchanted Learning Center provides a stimulating environment with a “hands-on” developmental approach to learning. To enhance each child’s emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development, we offer each child a variety of experiences.

Children’s Enchanted Learning Center is a comfortable atmosphere where each child’s rights are protected. We fill our center with developmentally appropriate materials and activities so each child can experience success and enhance the development of a positive self-image.

We facilitate each child’s natural development in a multidimensional environment allowing children to make decisions and discoveries on their own. This is fundamental for their learning and making sense of the world around them.